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Trusting yourself

There is something quite powerful about this feeling of being (almost) alone in the middle of the ocean. Many years ago, I experienced this, when I joined, as a crew member, a yacht, and together we sailed along the Great Reef Barrier, in Australia.

Anyone who has not experienced this, probably imagines a boat in the middle of the ocean, he sees its color, maybe he sees the sails, maybe he even sees its name written in a stylish way on the stern. But those who have experienced sailing themselves, imagine something else. Their point of view is completely different. They see it not from the shore point of view but from the boat itself. They sees that unspoiled blue. Without any reference point. Nothing. Just you and the horizon. You and the Infinite Ocean.

I did not think about the connection between this experience and painting, until I recently heard, an artist I appreciate, recount a similar experience he went through. He compared it to the feeling of being alone in the studio. With all the freedom, excitement and wonder - the need to trust only yourself!

When you are alone in the studio, you have to let go of everything you know and just be. You yourself. There is something frightening about this feeling, but also (and maybe therefore -) exciting and thrilling.

We are used to asking close people what they think about what we do, perhaps to know where improvement is needed, perhaps to get reinforcement. But in the creative process what's important is to develop this ability within ourselves.

After all, what is a work of art if not the accumulation of all the decisions that ultimately led to the final product? The creator is the one who decides what materials he uses, he is the one who chooses the shades and style, and he is the one who decides when the painting is finished. If someone else decides - it is no longer entirely his (or hers) ...

When we are alone in the studio, we make countless decisions. By ourselves. And if after all this we complete an artwork and are satisfied with it - we experience success.

There is something quite powerful about this feeling.


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