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Two hours of relaxation, enjoyment and inspiration

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Come for two hours of disconnection from the everyday. Allow yourself a break for relaxation, pleasure, Inspiration and play.


The meeting takes place in an intimate format, up to 7 participants and is suitable for beginners and experienced painters alike.  



Prices for private workshop:

Single: 350 NIS, couple: 250 NIS per person, three participants or more: 200 NIS per person.  

Price for a workshop open to the public:

250 NIS per participant (number of participants is limited to 6)

* The price includes materials.

** Although there are aprons in the studio, it is recommended to wear clothes that is not terrible if they get a little dirty.


in a nutshell:

Duration of the workshop - two hours  |  Location - Freestyle Painting Studio, Binyamina | Limited to 7 participants

Having FUN!


What's in the workshop?

1. letting go

A few opening words on freestyle painting, and experimenting exercises for focusing and letting go .

2. Experience freestyle painting

Each participant will experience freestyle painting using acrylic paints and a variety of tools, on paper. The idea: to paint like children. The goal: to let go and connect to yourself. Without expectations, without judgment.

3. painting on canvas

Moving to canvas can be quite daunting, and this is exactly the reason why you should insist on it :)

plus, at the end you take it home with you, of course. 

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I would love to meet
in the Studio
Freesyle Painting, Binyamina.



The location, the quiet, the simple design, all of these already brings calm and disconnection from the turbulent everyday life. I I really enjoyed two hours of connecting to myself and to my work.



It was charming and liberating. The studio makes you want to create. Tamar conducts so pleasantly, in a way that simply allows.


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What a wonderful painting workshop! I was surprised to find the "letting go" in painting.

I appreciate the opportunity and support.

What do the participants say?

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