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Tamar Arbel Elisha

Freestyle Painting

053-7629333  |  24 Yemey Binyamina st. Binyamina  | 
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Contrasts attracts

Precisely these days, when the polarization is so jarring, looking at a painting can offer a different thought about something that is different, and even more than that - about contrasts...

Hi, I am Tamar,

Painting for me is freedom.

It all begun while I was still an employee. All of a sudden, I felt that desire to create. Differently. Like I've never created before. Without looking at anything. Without trying. Just play with paint.

I did it secretly. It was such a liberation it's hard to describe.

I got a framework within I could do whatever I want. I am the only one who decide about me.

I soon realized that it was much more than "just painting". This was the beginning of an endless and fascinating process of walking into the unknown, of self-discovery. It may sound like a cliché, but wow, how powerful it was!


About four years later, when I was unexpectedly fired from my job, I was already prepared for the unexpected.

I got a lifetime opportunity that I shouldn't have missed - to reinvent myself.


My paintings, and the various workshops I offer, try to convey this message of liberation.


For me painting is freedom. Maybe for you too?

תצלום האמנית
The artist's Photograph

Artistic Education

2015 - 2016  Curation, Kibbutzim College of Education

1990 – 1994  Hamidrasha - Faculty of Arts

1988 - 1989  Phtography, Camera Obscura



2023  Freestyle Painting - Solo exhibition, Zichron Yaakov Library. Curator: Revital Silverman-Grun

2022  Outdoor Group Exhibition – Creating 100 with love, Binyamina

2022  Outdoor Group Exhibition – Towards Home and Away, Zichron Yaakov. Curator: Revital Silverman-Grun

2022  An Ongoing Story, Solo exhibition, Binyamina Library

2021  Outdoor Group Exhibition – Taninim Stream

2021  Group Exhibition – Fantasy, Reality and Dream, Performing Arts Hall Herzliya, Curator: Galia Shechter

2021  Group Exhibition – Creating A Place, Zichron Yaakov. Curator: Revital Silverman-Grun


2017  Curating the  Outdoor Group Exhibition – Regional IDentity

1994  All is Water, Hamidrasha - Faculty of Arts, Ramat Hasharon

תצלום של יעל, שכתבה את העדות
Photograph of Yael, who wrote the testimonial


When I thought what I would like to hang on my office wall, the wall  in front of me, which I see for long hours every day, it was clear to me that it had to be something that was very "me". With miraculous timing, a conversation with Tamar arrived, and I suddenly realized that she would know exactly how to express, without me having to explain, what I wanted. The code name exchanged between us was "the picture with the rose" and that was enough. A few weeks later, the interpretation of Tamar, my father's sister, who was killed when I was one and a half years old, came as an abstract painting includes a picture of him and me, with the rose bush. There is no doubt, there can be no more "me" than that. I am excited every time to look up at the wall in front of me...

תצלום של גדי, שכתב את העדות
Photograph of Gadi, who wrote the testimonial


I saw Tamar's artworks in a group exhibition at Zichron Yaakov. The two paintings immediately caught my eye.
For many years I have been interested in art, visiting galleries (mainly in Asia and Australia where I have lived for over two decades) and often buying works that I connect with.
The immediate connection to these paintings made me happy and the timing was wonderful because my eldest son moved to New York and I decided to buy them so that one of them would move with him to New York, and the other would return with me to Sydney, Australia.
The absolute connection between the two made it more profound. Even though the two paintings will be a great distance apart, the connection between them, like the connection between me and my son, will always exist.
Even today, when my gaze meets Tamar's painting in Sydney, I immediately think of its other part on the other side of the world.

תצלום של תמי, שכתבה את העדות
Photograph of Tammi, who wrote the testimonial


I arrived Tamar when she opened the door for me, just like that! I came for a cup of tea and was thrilled by her paintings. She said: You can do it too. I grinned politely and said: No way!
Naturally, when something is new, scary and unfamiliar, I push it away.
Then I drove down the street and saw someone throwing a new canvas and thought - That's a sign. I loaded it and reached Tamar.
I am painting ever since, once a week, and I am so happy! 
I mature while experiencing, learning, falling, excitement, disappointment, happiness, satisfaction, joy, and most of all daring, to have more experiences. Produce another connection, inward to my inner well. A meaning that changes reality.

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