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To the unknown

"I am Excited to invite you to listen to a meeting that I have no idea about." That's how I opened the post I shared on social media, with a link to listen to an hour-long radio program in which I will be interviewed, and that will be broadcast live, and me? I have no idea what's gonna be there, and I have never met Beni Bar Yehuda, the interviewer.

Walking into the unknown is the basis of Freestyle Painting and it is motivated by one thing: curiosity.

But mere curiosity is not enough. We need to let go (of expectations, of criticism...), surrender (flow) and not take ourselves too seriously (play).

This process has two parts:

The first is the one between the creator and themselves. This letting go from the deepest place is a real change of perception. Dedication to the painting process without thinking about the result. It's a process. Sometimes it takes a long time until you really succeed, and sometimes less, depending on each one, but in any case, it is an ongoing process. In a real work, it never ends.

The second part is the one between the creator and others. The courage to go out into the world. Declare who I am, present what I do, be exposed to criticism, survive it and grow from it (and sometimes also know how to ignore it or not take it personally).

Painting and life are intertwined. There is no way to go through such a process in painting without it affecting the way we manage life; it is simply not possible.

So, no wonder, when Beni Bar Yehuda contacted me and invited me to his Radio station, I immediately agreed. How bad can it be? (How many people will listen to this anyway? 😊) Interesting experience... and no wonder I agreed to his offer and invited my acquaintances to listen.

I'm playing, and you are welcome to join!


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