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  תצלום של האמנית, שמחה בשדה עם ערכת ציור
The artist's photograph, happy in the field, with her painting equipment


Freestyle painting workshop

(almost) anywhere you want

קבוצה בסדנה שמתקיימת בחוץ
a group having workshop outdoors

Feel like treating someone for birthday? Want to have fun in your yard? Outdoors? Or maybe in the living room ??


Here I am packing my studio and coming to you, for a fun session of color experience, whereevr you choose.


Two hours of a couple / family / social experience.


Suitable for beginners and experienced painters alike.


In a nutshell:

Duration of the session - two hours | Location - flexible | Up to 10 participants

Feel free to call

תצלום של האמנית
The artist's photograph
אחד המשתתפים בצילום תקריב ליד מבחר הצבעים
One of the participants in a close up near the variety of paints

What's in the workshop?

1. Letting go

A few opening words on freestyle painting, and experimenting exercises for focusing and letting go .

2. Experience freestyle painting

Each participant will experience freestyle painting using acrylic paints and a variety of tools, on paper. The idea: to paint like children. The goal: to let go and connect to yourself. Without expectations, without judgment.

3. Personal painting on canvas

Moving to canvas can be quite daunting, and this is exactly the reason why you should insist on it :)

plus, at the end you take it home with you, of course. 

תקריב ציור של אחת המשתתפות
Close up of one of the participant's painting

"If Muhammad did not come to the mountain,
The mountain will come to Muhammad :) "

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