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Planning or flow?

I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew what I liked to do. I liked planning projects. Imagine it. Plan and execute it. But it was never from a place of ambition.

At an advanced stage in my life, I was exposed to the planning approach called Back Casting, in which you set a goal and plan backwards all the steps that must be taken in order to reach it. This is how I intuitively approached every project I initiated. But to plan my life like this? never.

I remember how I moved uneasily in my chair when I was exposed to it as a way of life. I wondered how my life would have turned out if I had behaved this way. Maybe I missed something...??

But then came my independent thinking. The one that is not affected by what others say. I realized that even if it is not formulated or defined in a structured way, even if it does not have a name, it has a place. I act out of passion for what excites me. New idea. Creation out of nothing. Meeting interesting people. Collaborations.

That's how it is in Freestyle Painting too. I love the path. I don't know where it takes me (and that's probably part of the thing - the curiosity and adventure that arouses me) and since I trust the process and I walk on the path in the most authentic way, since it's really mine - interesting things happen.

And how is it in running a business? Here there is a combination of the two. I have to know where I'm aiming, and from there deduce what I have to do in order to implement things, but at the same time I also have to leave room for natural development. For new ideas.

When the planning is too rigid, you miss opportunities along the way, and when you proceed only out of flow, you may not persevere, and thus not achieve results.

I know where I'm headed but I'm also aware that there are many roads that can lead there. I start on one path, sometimes I find some small and intriguing one that connects to another, that continues to go in the same direction, sometimes it connects to the same path I went on before, sometimes it is parallel and sometimes other forks branch off from it…


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