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Notice what you notice

I have just painted two paintings and presented them to the lady who commissioned an artwork from me. That’s how I always do it; I prefer to come with two pieces. It is easier for me, and I hope it is easier for whoever ordered it too. There is no single truth. There are two versions.

I noticed that one of the paintings was fundamentally different from the way I had painted so far. (The lady, by the way, chose the second one). I looked at both (before the second one was proudly displayed in her living room) and suddenly, I noticed.

I noticed that this painting, the one she chose to leave with me, was somehow “cleaner”. The surfaces were more unified, it had fewer textures, and perhaps fewer ingredients. It was simpler and I felt that it instilled more peace in me. Not sure that this feeling will last for a long time, but I felt a kind of elation when I noticed that.

Have you noticed how significant this moment is when you notice something?

We can pass by something (not to mention someone!) dozens of times, but this one special moment when we notice a special phenomenon or some unique characteristic in something or someone, will change everything. From this moment on, our entire perspective on that same thing - changes. And it may also be that our perspective in general - changes.

I experience this in painting.

At the beginning of the painting, I usually act from some inner energy somewhere inside. Strong intuition (and what intuitive painting is, is for another post). I do not think; I just paint. With great pleasure it must be said. When the burst of energy passes, sometimes after a few minutes and sometimes after over an hour or two, I put the brushes down, and just go and sit on the armchair in front of the painting. I am not finished; it is just a pause. But this is the moment when I look at what I have reached so far. At this moment certain feelings arise in me. Sometimes good, sometimes less good. I try to pay attention to them. What makes me feel good and what not.

When we paint, we dedicate ourselves to the process. We walk into the unknown. I didn’t know I would paint like this. I didn’t know I would notice these differences. I didn’t know I would feel this way.

As soon as I noticed these feelings - I knew that this painting would be an important milestone in my future path. The paintings that came after this one, were indeed in completely different shades, but they too, had large surfaces, less textures, less noise.

When we notice what we notice we can grow.

Take Newton… Some apples may have fallen on his head many times (...) but the day he noticed it, changed his life forever. And ours too, actually.


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