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My own palette

I've already talked before about freedom, and that too much of it can put us in a state of overwhelm and paralysis. I also proposed a solution - to create deliberate boundaries, ones that would create a framework, in which we could move more freely (see the post called "Summer Vacation").

Freedom can also be created by the lack of purpose to aim for. So I created a goal for myself.

I've decided I wanted to explore the subject of color in my works. If so far I have been working with the colors that just felt right at the moment, I will now try to focus (at least for a while ...) on a limited palette.

I found a nice way to experiment with all sorts of color combinations, but no combination excited me and intrigued me to continue researching and delving into. This is the stage where frustrations and doubts begin to arise. I wondered what happened? After all, in every painting I do, I actually create a palette. Why now, when I'm looking for "my own pallete" does it get difficult?

I remembered what Edgar Degas said: "It's easy to paint when you do not know how, but very difficult when you do."

This time too I've decided to play. I took a few sheets of paper. In each one I used a different palette, the color combination that just felt right at that moment, and concentrated on how I felt about that combination. I did not think about the result. The painting does not have to be beautiful. I just played with the colors I chose, and filled the sheet of paper with marks, lines, and stains.

I do love to play, but I have a hard time with things that are aimless. Finding my own palette is great, but what about all the sheets of paper I've created? So, I found a solution for them - I made OOAK business cards out of them. (Feel free to take a look at my IG and see...)

And what about the palette? Eventually it happened. I found a palette that lit me up and I am curious to examine and explore it. This is a palette close to the primary color palette (red, blue, yellow) with slight changes, which makes it more interesting to me. It consists of pink, light blue and yellow, to which are added, white and black, of course.

From the little I have made so far, I already see how great the range of options can be derived from it. Exciting!

I wonder how long it will last 😊...

* In the picture - work in progress


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