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In Motion

In the last few weeks, I have been accompanying my mother, who is 95 years old, after she fell and underwent hip surgery. Some will say that at such an extreme age it is no longer worthwhile to operate. In my understanding it is like saying that her life is no longer important. I was glad that the hospital's policy was to consider the degree of mobility before the fall and not age.

What does it matter how long we have left to live? Every day is the beginning of the rest of our lives. No matter what age are we. We never really know how long we have left to live, and we want every day of our lives to be filled with hope and optimism. But how can one be filled with optimism when one gives up?

Passive waiting, inaction and immobility are evidence of giving up. What can happen in such a situation?

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, said Seneca, who was a Roman philosopher (as well as a statesman and playwright).

What's important is to keep moving. Continue to prepare ourselves and continue to create opportunities.

When I feel down, I look for something to motivate me. It could be a new project, a new painting technique, meeting a new person. something new. Something that will activate the energy of the creation. When I'm creating, I feel alive. The body is filled with joy. As in falling in love. It must be Oxytocin or Dopamine or some other feel-good hormone. The moment we start to activate the system - it happens. Every movement is experienced as something good. We are enjoying the joy of creation again. A small success feeds us with energy for the next movement, and so on.

And what do you do when you feel no passion for creation at all? In situations like this I come to the studio and do things "small". It can be painting or framing, and it can also be to arranging or cleaning. The main thing is to get to the studio and be in motion. Invite options. Something will happen. That's what matters.

And as to my mother? The day after the surgery she already got out of bed and walked a few steps, spent most of the day in a chair, preparing herself for training in the gym...


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