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Between Self Esteem and Branding

I recently hosted at my studio, a dozen women (and one man) as part of a community event.

It was a fascinating encounter! Maybe because everyone was local, maybe because some of them knew me from my previous "incarnations", and maybe because they all came open and full of curiosity for a conversation about freestyle painting, which is possible for anyone who shows interest and curiosity (and a degree of determination ..).

I told them about myself, how I came to freestyle painting, how it affects me and how it changed my life, when one of the women stopped me, apologized in advance and politely tried to confront me with this matter that freestyle painting is suitable for anyone who wants, when asked if the fact that I graduated from the Art College, Did not help me ...

I liked the question. It was sharp and poignant. I smiled. Why did I smile? Because at first I even felt that the fact that I was studying art was, in a way, to my detriment. It was not easy to stand in front of the canvas and paint differently. Paint without looking at anything, without thinking about a theme or a concept… Just paint. That was the point where I needed to do that liberation work, about which I often speak. But later on, I admit, that fact helped me, but the question is with what? And also - how important is it really?

Most older people do not think (at all) to paint, and if they do (think ..) then the general direction is negative. They are not supposed to paint because they are no longer children, nor are they painters - so what the heck? This thought creates reality, and they do not paint.

Although I am a graduate of the Art College I did not think at all to paint. My specialization was in photography. But from the moment I thought about it - it did not bother me whether I should or should not ... I wanted to paint - so I did. It was a game, although I took it very seriously.

Since I did not perceive myself as an "artist", and certainly not as a "painter" - I painted in secret. Instagram has been an important tool for me in this experience. I opened an account that did not have any means of identification: no name, no photo, an anonymous account of someone who experiences painting.

There, in this protected space, I developed my self-esteem as an artist. I experimented with painting and with exposure (although limited ...), I got reinforcements and followed other artists. Gradually I got used to my new self and even dared to show my account to those close to me. I later posted my name and photos, until I had full identification with this part in me.

And where does the interest in art studies come in?

When I decided to develop this game as a business. Then the need arose to define myself (as an artist) and even to justify this definition in the eyes of others. This is where the "Graduate of the Art College" certificate came to my aid. I admit. It is easier for people to accept this definition from someone who has credentials.

But it has nothing to do with the personal and essential process of liberation, of changing our perceptions of ourselves, and of creating self-esteem. This is the part of Branding

Branding is related to how others perceive us, and about that, I can say two things:

1. What do you care?

2. And if it does matter then the way to create that branding is to change our perceptions about ourselves. To change our own self-esteem, and as wiser than me have said: Act as if you were already the person you want most to be. Brian Tracy.


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