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Between art and creation

It used to be common to think that an artist is whoever the art establishment declared him to be. The artistic establishment is the owners of the galleries and curators who accepted, or did not accept, the artist and his work for the hall they are entrusted with.

How fortunate that, as in many other fields, in this field as well, the boundaries are being broken. Social media opened up the possibility for artists to present their works themselves, without the need for the mediation of the artistic establishment. So it's true, an artist whose desire is to enter the hall of the museum or gallery, will have to go through this road, but the one whose creation is his soul's desire, the one whose soul's desire is to reach people who will like his work, can certainly bypass this hurdle. Such an artist can create and publish his or her work on social media, where they can get the desired exposure.

But more than that, who said you have to be an artist in order to create?

Recently, a conversation developed between me and someone whom I have been accompanying for about two years in the process of her creation. More than once she confessed to me how significant the process ,she has been going through since she started freestyle painting, is for her. As part of the process, through her inherent curiosity, she became aware of both the pleasure and frustration that accompany the creative process, discovered parts of herself and experienced a sense of competence and satisfaction. When she is present in the work, she feels connected to the origin, and at the same time, she says, it does not burn inside her. She does not see herself as an artist. In her view, an artist is one in whom the creation burns.

I agree, an artist is someone whose artwork gives him or her such an elation that without it life seems poor. An artist is someone who will find any way to create, even if for some time it will be a different creative channel, and perhaps (there is no consensus on this either) will strive to reveal his work to the world.

But what if the work sometimes takes directions that are not considered as "art"?

Sometimes, the circumstances of our lives prevent us from engaging in the main field for which we were destined, but the creativity does not die. It appears in many different ways. I know it well. I went to study art for a reason. But the circumstances of my life led me to another place and for about 20 years I did not engage in art. At the same time, I did not stop creating: writing and producing self-instructional booklets, writing a children's book, producing and curating an art exhibition, community events and more. As parents we are quite involved in creation but we are not always aware of it. Indeed, I did not see myself as an artist. Honestly? Although at this point I had already been painting for several years, if I hadn't been forced to start a new career path, I don't think I would ever see myself as such.

So What happened?

As soon as I had to redefine myself, I realized that I am an artist. I dedicate my life to creation, I see painting as a process, I don't consider the opinion of others and focus only on what the painting does to me, I learn and develop from the insights that emerge and arise in me in the face of my creation. I do all that myself. So in my understanding all these make me an artist.

My definition as an artist came into being the moment I was required to. As long as there was no need for it, I didn't think about whether I was an artist or just someone who derives pleasure from painting and sees it as a fascinating process of personal development. I just created, enjoyed and developed.

The creation is the essence. All the rest are definitions that, in the case of those who are not required to self-determine for professional reasons - are not relevant. After all, an artist will not stop creating if he or she is not accepted into the hall of fame of this or that museum. Their personal and artistic development process will continue with, and without, fame. This is exactly what will happen to those who are busy creating and do not call themselves an artist.

What's important is the creative process.


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