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There are people who dream to paint. Others are annoyed with themselves because they do not find the time. And maybe you, like me – did not even consider this option. Because Who are you to paint?

We aren’t kids anymore, and surely we aren’t artists. So what the heck?

If you will take only one sentence from this post, I will have done my job:

Everyone can paint!

All you need is to forget what you were told as an adult, and simply enjoy playing with paints and the canvas. Yes, canvas, like "real artists".

I enjoy the freedom of not trying to do anything. No effort. No aim. Simply painting. Like a child. Play with the paints, with the brush ( or knife, or fingers, or whatever tool you like) and create something. Better not to think. Not to analyze. Not to judge.

Such a painting, that comes from the inside, from our deepest feelings and urges, not trying to represent reality, is an expressionist abstract painting. It is an experience that when one enjoys, one will find it hard to stop. And that’s where the good stuff happens. In this process of dealing with the abstract.

Many look at an abstract painting in a museum and think to themselves, usually with a touch of contempt that their little son would have done something even better.

For this I have two things to say:

1. They are most likely right. Little children are not jaded yet, and are able to express themselves freely

2. As adults, we have a lot to learn and to let go of in order for us to make a good abstract painting

The good news is that when we follow through with the process, we will most likely be able to let go and gain those abilities. The even better news is that the process is so much fun.

So why not?


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