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what do kitchen has got to do with painting?

Friday noon time and I am torn between my desire to make a great dinner and the urge for painting.

Sometimes I go painting because "I have to", because even if it doesn't really burn in my bones, I know that once I start, I will get into it and it will fill me with joy (well, usually). But today I was struck by a burst of creation. So, I spent some time in the studio and after draining some of that energy, I realized I have to save some more of that for the kitchen as well.

The kitchen for me is also a place for creation, but in the kitchen, I work more for the result. Day after day, for years, having to fix meals for everybody, kind of impaired enjoyment. But even there sometimes (usually when I don’t "have to") I feel like making something creative (Baking bread is especially my favorite).

As in painting, so in cooking, there are those who stick to the recipe and others "improvise". Some people know in advance exactly what the menu will look like, and others realize it while working.

For me it is sometimes this way and sometimes the other.

I could go on with this comparison, but I actually I wanted to address another aspect of the connection between kitchen and painting. The tools.

If for an artist, entering an art supply store is like, for a child, entering a candy shop, then entering a kitchen equipment store, for artists, is like .... entering a kiosk maybe.

If you have the page of my ten winning tools (and if not you are welcome to download it from my website), you already know that there are a couple of tools there, that can also be found in the kitchen:

1. Large spatula - I most like to use it when it is parallel to the canvas. The paint is smeared unevenly this way, and it is great, but you can also work with it at an angle and thus get a thin layer of paint, you can scratch fresh paint, you can create straight lines and you might think of more creative uses.

2. Towel paper - it's really a wow! For applying paint, for gentle absorption of liquid paint and thus causing exposure of previous layers ... a pleasure!

But apart from these, one can find many other tools that can also be great for painting:

3. Fork - just dip it in paint and produce 4 parallel thin lines.

4. Silicone brush used for applying oil or egg - can leave marks on the canvas different from those of a regular brush.

5. Strainer - can be used for spraying paint

6. Silicone spatula - for uniform application of paint

7. Knife with teeth - apply paint with an interesting texture

8. Rolling pin - you can apply paint on it and roll it on the canvas and you can also use a stencil (like a lace paper foe example?) and thus produce a patern.

Do you have any more kitchenware ideas that can be used for painting? Feel free to share below.

Some other time we will talk about hardware store, which is a paradise in itself 😊


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