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Wabi sabi

When I was little, I enjoyed looking at the night sky. Especially in the desert. I remember preparing for the moment when I would see a shooting star. What will I ask for? What will be my wish? There were so many things I wanted. I thought that in order not to be confused in the real moment I should be prepared with a cohesive wish. But what will I ask for? So hard to give away things that I want ...

It led me to the thought that I should ask to be happy. After all, if I am happy no matter what I will have or what I will not have - I will be happy. Great. I was ready. But more than that, I realized a significant thing:

Happiness does not depend on external things. It comes from within.

And this is exactly what the book, I recently received as a gift from a friend, nameed Wabi Sabi, written by Beth Kempton, talks about. This is a cute little book that focuses on the basics of Japanese wisdom that describes how to find joy in the little things.

Wabi is the beauty that reveals in the simple things. Sabi is the beauty in its deepest meaning, which reveals over time.

I loved their approach to the perfection of the imperfect. A bit like what Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Kotzk said: There is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart. And if we take it more in the direction of creation, then similar to Miles Davis' words: Do not be afraid of mistakes. There are none.

How peaceful is this approach? What a wonderful release from the pursuit of the perfect. Suddenly the scratch or miss is what gives the piece its unique soul.

And how significant it is in painting!

One chapter in the book is devoted to the environment in which we live. The spaces in which we stay affect how we feel and our daily conduct. I like it when the house is clean and tidy. But I love that it has the joy of life. Children, as the poet puts it, are joy! (and usually less clean and tidy 😊).

I like simple and bright decorated homes, but I enjoy the color stains that the paintings give the walls.

Such a combination of peace and security with "touches" of joy.

What is it if not the essence of happiness?


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