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Summer Vacation

Who among us, as a child, has not eagerly awaited the Summer Vacation? Freedom from school, freedom from a busy schedule, freedom from authority... We all like to feel lords of ourselves, but often when this freedom comes, we get lost in it.

We are happy with the freedom from ... but have a hard time accepting the freedom to ...

As someone who has established a freestyle painting studio in the past year, I can testify that I experience (with great pleasure! It must be said ...) both the freedom from ... (organizational strategy, boss ...) and also the freedom to ... (dare, create, experience...)


Yet, every now and then, a feeling of flooding creeps in. Such that if not treated properly, might cause one a sense of paralysis.

I mean the inexhaustible sense of freedom that comes with an abundance of ideas, of techniques, of colors and tools, of options. It may be a little like the Blank Page Paralysis which I mentioned in one of my previous posts, when I talked about how to start painting. What to do with all of this goodness? How to choose?

In such a sense of overwhelming, meditation may help. Through it I focus on the here and now, and listen to myself. Usually this is enough. After a few minutes of meditation, the painting flows.

In other cases, I play a kind of a game. The aim of the game is also to focus. The game has rules, it sets limits, but it's a game. And I am the one who sets the rules (!).

So here are some game ideas that will help you narrow down your freedom and focus your work. (Recommended to try it at home 😊)

1.Paint in black and white only

2. Draw in black, white and one more color (then you can proceed to two more ..)

3. Choose one color and create a monochromatic drawing

4. Before finishing: paint using the leftover paint on the palate only

I find that within these limits it is sometimes easier to experience freedom.

And if I chose to paint in black and white and all of a sudden, I want to add yellow? So, I add!

Who would tell me not to?

As it says on one of the cups in my studio - I am the only one to decide about me!


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