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Liberation for independence

These days when we commemorate the Holocaust, remember the fallen soldiers of Israel's wars, and celebrate Independence Day, it made me think about our inner independence as well. How truly independent are we in our opinions? In our thoughts? How truly liberated are we?

Freeing ourselves from the shackles of criticism in general, and self-criticism in particular, is the key to authentic creation, true creative freedom, and realizing our inherent potential.

Many come to my studio and share the memory of that moment in their childhood when they stopped creating. It was the moment they received criticism. Without realizing it - they didn't just hear the criticism, they also internalized it.

Somehow, it's easier for us to believe criticism than words of praise. One time is enough to extinguish our desire to create within us. Certainly when it comes from a respected and beloved figure. This criticism not only hurts, it also seeps inward. It becomes ingrained within us. We believe it. It shifts from external criticism to self-criticism. We carry it with us and live out the rest of our lives feeling we're not good enough, that "it's not for us."

Well, that's simply not true. It's just a false belief we've adopted and live by. But it's in our hands to change it. To free ourselves from it, and create as only we want/know how/can.

Freestyle painting allows us to enter this world smoothly and pleasantly, with curiosity and play, by releasing self-criticism and embracing the process of discovery and enjoyment. Not that there won't be difficulties along the way. There will be. But it will be worth it!

The path to inner independence and creative freedom passes through self-acceptance and self-love. Just as we fought for our independence as a people, so must we wage a constant struggle to free ourselves from false beliefs and lack of self-confidence. Only then, when we shed the burden of criticism, can we enjoy true creative freedom and express ourselves with complete authenticity.


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