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How to know when a painting is finished?

Painting a realistic painting, one usually starts from the end. We start from knowing where we want to go. To reach the image of the landscape or still life that we see in front of our eyes. But in Freestyle Painting, which is actually a process of walking into the unknown, how do we know?

Usually, the process contains phases of liking and disliking alternately. Liking, or disliking, a line, a stain, color, and usually the encounters between them.

If so, then the first moment we like what we've created, that's a reason to declare the painting finished, isn't it? So that's not exactly right.

For me, the process is the main thing. It is rare that in the first layer I will decide that the painting is finished. It's kind of a waste. If it is finished, I need a new canvas 😊.

Sometimes it's just the curiosity that doesn't let me rest and I keep checking and trying different things. Sometimes this test devours the cards and the painting seems to go back a few steps. Never mind. on the contrary. This means the process is authentic. It means that I am not driven by fear but by curiosity.

For me, the fear of spoiling, is not a good reason to declare the painting finished. So what does?

It's a kind of moment where suddenly it seems finished. As if the painting itself announces it. And sometimes it whispers it so quietly that I need time to understand. These are the times when the painting waits. Sometimes after a while (it could even be a few months...) I will realize that it is in the middle of the process, and sometimes that whisper gets stronger and I realize that the painting is finished.

This moment is a magical one. Like falling in love with a newborn child. The heart expands. I sit in front of the painting and enjoy looking at it, and sometimes this is also the moment when names pop up. For me - when a painting has a name, it means that it is ready and it goes out into the world.


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