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Decision Making

When we talk about decision-making, we usually envision respectable managers with a tie, we think about economy, security, and other crucial issues, but decision-making confronts us almost at any given moment. Even in painting...

We are not aware of it but painting is actually a long sequence of decision making. Which medium to choose (oil/acrylic/water colors)? What is the format? In what colors? What is the "topic"? Choosing the tool, how to apply the paint, which color should I put next to which? How thick will the paint be? When is the painting finished? Countless decisions the artist makes before and during the painting.

I once heard an interview with someone whose job was to sort applications for chef studies. When asked how he knows who will be a good chef he didn't hesitate. He didn't choose someone who seemed to be talented or hardworking, but someone who had "good taste". That is, the one who trusted himself in making his creative decisions. The one who did not feel the need to turn to the teacher and ask for their opinion, but the one who simply created while "listening" to their own personal taste.

The more we are exposed to art, the more we create, we develop this personal taste of ours. We allow ourselves to have an opinion even when it is not in the "main stream". We develop our "voice", make decisions more easily, and we allow ourselves to create boldly.

Have I already told you about my mug in the studio, on which I wrote "only I decide about me"? 😊


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