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about creation, movement and persistence

I ended the previous post with the sentence: I enter the studio. Something will happen. I choose to continue from there.

If I wait until I feel like painting like I did before, I might wait forever. It may never be like it was before.

On the other hand, I know that creativity is good for me. Many before me have researched this but I just feel it. So why wait? Why not try to find what does make me feel excited to create? For that you have to "enter the studio". It can also be to open the sketchbook. Does not matter. The main thing is to open the door to creativity.

I belong to a group of artists from all over the world. We meet once in two weeks on Zoom. I'm the only Israeli there, but somehow, we're all going through a difficult time, each for their own reasons.

At the last meeting, just before we parted, an idea came up to challenge ourselves by creating one doodle a day.

The very next day I entered the studio, created a fourteen-page sketchbook for myself and began the task. The concept have developed over time and I love it. It's a small thing but:

1. It motivated me to action

2. It filled me with the joy of creation

3. It developed a new way of thinking

4. You can never know where it will lead me...

That's the thing. Move. Do something. Think. Develop. This is the safest way to move forward.

Who was that, Archimedes? who said that if someone had given him a foothold outside the earth, he would have moved the world? Sometimes that's how it feels. And what are the odds that someone will give us something like this? As creators we need to create these points for ourselves, and these occur while doing.

This challenge was the way to create a kind of persistence.

So I persevered with the fourteen day challenge, and at our next Zoom meeting I presented the notebook I created. Leave aside that I was the only one who persevered in the challenge... they were so enthusiastic about what I did that they urged me to guide them in a Zoom creative workshop. This is going to happen at our next meeting.

That's how we invented a new format for our meetings and that's how I found myself building a new workshop.

You can never know, maybe one day you will see a publication for that 😊


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