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תקריב יד מציירת ציור כחול עם מברשת סיליקון
close up of a hand painting a blue painting with a color shaper

painting time


ארבע חברות מציירות בסדנה בסטודיו
four freinds painting in the studio

Your choice:

One meeting, three in a row, or regular and continuous accompaniment once a week.


How does it work?
By coordination and payment in advance, one of the following options:

One session: 200 NIS
Suits those who want to refresh their work and return to creating independently.

Three sessions in a row: 480 NIS
Suits those who want refreshment, inspiration and getting tools for free and independent creation.

Regular weekly meetings: payment for 3 calendar months - 510 NIS per month. Suits those looking for a supportive and continuous framework for the creative process.

*Participation can be canceled at any time. The refund will be from the beginning of the following month.

what does it include?
Basic equipment (brushes, etc.) and acrylic paints
*Does not include painting surfaces (canvas / wood / paper...)

* Limited number of participants

* Conditional on a minimum number of participants

Allowing* Support * Freedom

תקריב של יד "מלוכלכת" בצבע
close up of a hand full with paint

What to expect?

1. allowing

Freestyle painting allows even those who have not painted since the age of 5 to create. Little by little, anyone who wants, discovers their own abilities, and their own personal and unique voice.

2. support

The creative path brings quite a few challenges. Together, we will learn ways to overcome them.

3. freedom

Over time we will realise  we are getting more and more free in our painting. We will experience and understand that freedom is the heart of the creative work,  how intertwined these two, and how much freedom the creative process gives us.

תצלום של האמנית
The artist's photograph

I would love to meet
in the Studio
Freesyle Painting, Binyamina.

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