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tasting meetup

mini workshop - an hour of talk and a light experience in Freestyle Painting

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Looking for a different activity for a group of friends or colleagues? A meeting that stimulates thinking and creativity for a large number of participants?

Here is an idea for an unusual activity.


A meeting, which is between a conversation and a presentation, that combines practical experience, and all of that without getting up from your chair :)

Don't let this frontal format fool you. Although this is not a full workshop, you will get an in-depth taste of Freestyle Painting and maybe it will be enough to make you start doing this at home.

​in a nutshell:

The duration of the meeting - about an hour | Location - flexible | The number of participants - flexible

Option * Support * Freedom

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What's in the workshop?

1. Curiosity

What is Freestyle Painting? What is its potential for change and empowerment?

2. letting go

Sometimes boundaries allow freedom. We will focus on the here and now, and try to release expectations and criticism.

3. Experience

During the conversation, a number of exercises will be incorporated, to experiment with liberation through Freestyle Painting.

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let's meet up!

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