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Collaborative collage workshop for work teams 

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Have you gone through a significant strategic process?

Looking for an experiential and enriching activity? Ormaybe you are redesigning your office and want to add a personal and meaningful touch to it?


I invite you to a unique workshop for work teams, in which each participant experiences freestyle painting. The final product is a joint painting that will be hung in your office.



Duration of the workshop - two hours  |  Location - flexible    

* The workshop is approved by the Israeli teachers' association

An opportunity to celebrate human diversity
And teamwork collaboration

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What's in the workshop?

1. letting go

A few opening words on freestyle painting, and experimenting exercises for focusing and letting go .

2. Experience freestyle painting

Each participant will experience freestyle painting using acrylic paints and a variety of tools, on paper. The idea: to paint like children. The goal: to let go and connect to yourself. Without expectations, without judgment.

3. Personal painting on canvas

Moving to canvas can be quite daunting, and this is exactly the reason why you should insist on it :)

plus, at the end you take it home with you, of course. 

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Hi, I'm Tamar,


An artist and creator, a graduate of the Ramat Hasharon Art College, owner of the Freestyle Painting Studio in Binyamina and has experience in facilitating and accompanying teams in strategic processes.

I would love to host you at my studio, meet at your place or wherever we coordinate.

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I booked a workshop for my staff.
Tamar surprised us by organizing an inviting and happy creative environment, introduced us to the atmosphere with a light opening conversation and a simple and clear explanation, and we went straight to paint... 
The teachers were surprised by themselves... by the ability to break free from any inhibition and paint like children. We enjoyed playing with paint, we felt comfortable, and in a happy and relaxed atmosphere we created a joint creation and also came out with some insights along the way ...
Suitable for anyone who wants a real, fun and invested experience for his team! An experience that has the values of enabling, acceptance and empowerment.

What do the participants say?

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I did not know what to expect. I even asked myself what do I got to do with painting? I had not painted since kindergarten and even then I was not that briliant with it. But I talked myself into it and flowed.
Tamar arrived full of grace, lightness and a good sense of humor, arranged us brushes, pages, and  even aprons so we would not get dirty. And so, with simple instructions I found myself painting, experimenting and letting go. how fun!

I did not think about the kids, the laundry and the work, I was just the girl in the kindergarden having fun. Honestly? it even went out nicely. While I was pleased with the outcome and with the experience, we were instructed to choose a piece of the painting for a group collage.

While explaining the creation of harmony in colors, we cut and pasted a collage that came out nicer than the sum of its parts. 
It was great fun. It is nice sometimes to let go, create and mix. The paper absorbs everything, and with a brush you can always blur, so you can not not enjoy. Was lovely. Thank you very much Tamar.



We have got a gift - a free painting workshop.  This wonderful gift raised some concerns in some of us - I do not paint, do not understand art and how will I find myself there?
As I stood in front of the white page I was startled. Where to begin?? Every touch of the brush was perceived by me as fateful...

And then I realized - there are no rules, no right or wrong. Just be me. At any given moment in the painting I can "start over" and as in life "open a new page", even though the page is no longer white. Everything is changeable and can be rebuilt.

Thank you Tamar for allowing us to open up and let go...  

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